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Everyone is busy.  There's no time for planning PTA meetings.  It's almost impossible to rely on hours of volunteer help.  It's a nightmare to try to pre-arrange and pre-plan games and activities,  not to mention the cost of equipment and props.  Oh yeah, and who the heck is going to be the ring leader to get control of the crowd and organize the activities?  In a word (or two): Radio Parties.  

"Joe was great! Kids and parents alike loved him. thanks for making our first family fun night a huge success."  Economy Elementary

"Mike was our DJ and he was WONDERFUL!! The kids, teachers and parents all LOVED HIM!!! We are looking forward to doing this again next spring."  Tammy Newman 


"What a blast! Michael did a great job of bringing in the parents and keeping the kids laughing!"  Christie Allen

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Ric Hansen Radio Parties

Our fee (which has remained the same since 1995) is affordable for most any school.  A small admission price at the door can pay for the event.  Many schools use the Family Fun Night as a school fundraiser and generate revenue for other school projects. 

Your 106.7 Atlanta's Greatests Hits Radio Party DJ host offers a variety of Family Night themes including:  "Sock Hop", "Beach Party", "Disco Party", "Country" and "The History of rock and roll".   But we can work with party plans too.   We've done Luau's, Carnivals, auctions, "Ban TV Weeks" and the list is limited only by the imagination of our school partners. 

The action never stops!

Is your PTA looking for something fun and different this year for your Atlanta area school? You have to try 106.7 Atlanta's Greatest Hits Family Fun Night! Every Family Night is a little different, but they all have one thing in's high energy, organized fun.  Hula Hoop contests, The LIMBO, the 10-songs-in-10-minutes dance challenge, The Chicken Dance, Hot Potato contest, Hokey Pokey, Electric Slide, Macarena a conga line......okay, I am out of breath.  

Okay.  So you want the specifics, right?.  Sure you do. 

The parties are a maximum of 3 hours ( some schools choose less time), We arrive an hour early to set up and it takes about a half hour to tear down (that's on our time not yours).  We provide the sound system, mic, music, and props.   Our one-man talented DJ party host does it all with the help of some spontaneous participation from volunteer parents. The whole deal is just $495.

Did I mention that this is about as much fun as your school can handle in one night?

Create an amazing night of great memories for your elementary school with

106.7 Atlanta's Greatest Hits Family Fun Night!

Now you can provide a night of non-stop music, games, family dances, sing-alongs, and lip sync, all organized and hosted by one of our high energy and personable party hosts.  Guaranteed fun... and best of all there's no need for lots of volunteers and there are no organizing hassles,  we do all the work.  Turn-key and affordable.


Get an idea of what it is all about.   Get a quote.


 "I'd love to send you a complete free guide on how to stage a successful family fun night event. No strings attached.  From promoting your event to staffing it, you'll get the full details.   Whether you use our company or do it on your own, this is invaluable information.  Just shoot me your e-mail in the form above....and I'll E-mail it right back to you." 

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