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If you are serious about being in the school dance business, the number one priority is to provide "school friendly" entertainment and then to market yourself as the safe choice for schools.  

As a member you do both.


Exclusive access to our "Top 30 Safe Songs" list!

The School Dance Network reviews every song that is being played on radio statons around the country each week.  Our review panel of administrators, parents, and student leaders evaluates their appropriateness and we provide a Top 30 list of school dance songs that are deemed safe and acceptable.  As a member you receive that list via e mail throughout the school year.   In addition you will receive the updated NATIONAL DO NOT PLAY list.

Featured listing in our "Responsible DJ" directory!

If you want to be noticed by the right people in schools you need to be listed in the only directory designed exclusively for this market.  Not for weddings, or private parties, this is focused on the School Dance Market.  Period.  There is only one directory that does that.   Plus we send out a list (by market) of all our member DJs each month to our school subscribers.  You can create your own listing or we can do it for you.  

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School Dance Marketing tips and tricks!

After having built one of the country's most successful school dance businesses (RADIO PARTIES),  Ric Hansen will share the key elements of his marketing strategy with exclusive email blasts to member DJs throughout the year.    Learn where, when and how to market to schools.   His key marketing elements that bring schools back, year after year, will be shared for the very first time.  

Being a responsible DJ for school dance events is great.....but letting the world know that you are,  is just as important.  We provide the "Responsible DJ" certification logo (above) to our members for their web sites, direct mail or Facebook page.  It makes a powerful statement to administrators when the symbol is displayed.  They know you are interested in creating a fun, safe event at their school. 

“School Dances are totally unique. Not like clubs, not like weddings.  Responsible School Dance DJs walk the fine line between what makes the crowd happy, and what makes the administration happy.  The School Dance Network helps you walk that line.  ”


Ric Hansen
Founder of Radio Parties and the School Dance Network





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